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Dental Care

Routine dental care is an essential part of your horse’s wellbeing. 

A regular, thorough examination and treatment plan not only maintains the correct function of your horse’s mouth for as long as possible, but can help enhance your horse’s function and demeanour.  Often horses, ponies and donkeys will not show outward signs of oral pain – even though they may have extensive problems in the mouth.  Even apparent minor problems, once corrected, may have profound improvements in performance- revealing how much discomfort they may actually be in. 

All our vets are fully trained in routine dentistry and in identifying problems at an early stage.  

Our routine dentals include sedation in the price.  Even though this may be a worry to yourself as the owner, this is because it settles your horse (a flight animal), making for a better experience for them and also allowing a thorough examination, including with a mirror (or intra-oral camera if required) and float/ treatment with the latest in battery powered equipment. 

As well as routine work, we also offer: 

  • Wolf teeth removal 

  • Remedial dentistry 

  • Dental radiography 

  • Intra-oral dental camera 

  • Dental surgery 

  • Treatment of diastema and periodontal disease 

  • Dental extractions 

  • Sinus surgery 

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