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Extra-Mural Studies for Veterinary Students Seeing Practice

We are delighted to announce that we are a Partner Practice for Surrey Vet School, and as such, will be taking 2 Surrey Vet School final year students for 4 week rotations, throughout term time. Outside of these rotations, we are happy to take veterinary students at any stage of their clinical training and from any university. We have a busy clinic, as well as several vets busy on ambulatory calls daily. Therefore, we limit numbers to a maximum of 2 students at any one time.


Students get a wide range of clinic-based and ambulatory experience. We also expect students to help out with morning and evening stable rounds of in-patients, treatments and checks. Students are welcome to attend emergencies out-of-hours in the clinic. Students should wear appropriate work wear/boiler suits and protective footwear. Wellingtons and jeans are not allowed. We ask that students wear their college name badges at all times to identify yourself as a visiting student. To check availability, please email the Practice Manager Mel Bates ( stating the dates you would like. A member of the team will then contact you to confirm your placement, or offer alternative dates. 

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