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JMB (Height Management)

Katie Snalune is an Official Measurer of the Joint Measurement Board. The JMB was established in 1934 to run a national scheme for the measurement of the height of horses and ponies for the purpose of description and classification of such horses and ponies for competition.

As of 2017, the JMB is now paperless. Therefore, please visit the website address below to pay for your measurement online. The fee for measuring is £100, paid via the online form.  You will receive an email confirming payment. Once you have paid online, you may book your appointment. Please bring proof of payment to the clinic.

Animals cannot be measured until they are 4 years old. A horse/pony is regarded as being one year old on 1st January after the year in which it was foaled.

Every animal, regardless of its age, has to have at least one annual certificate before it can have a full certificate. Animal certificates are issued for horses/ponies of 4,5 and 6 years of age or any animal aged 7 or over which is presented for its first measurement.

All animal certificates expire on 31st December in the year of measurement. The Official Measurer for the 2nd and 3rd Annual certificate must be different from the Official Measurer who did the last measurement.

Consecutive measurements must be carried out by different Official Measurers, who, in the case of a measurement for a Full Certificate, must also be from a different practice.

All measurements must be carried out on a measuring pad that has been inspected by a steward. It is the responsibility of the owner, and in his/her interests, to ensure that the animal is well handled, accustomed to the application of a measuring stick and correctly prepared for measurement. The animal must be accompanied by a passport and any existing JMB documentation presented to the Official Measurer at the time of measurement. The animal should be presented for measurement in a headcollar without a bit and with shoes removed. A re-measurement procedure can be used to settle doubts about accuracy.

For further information, please visit:

or email:

or telephone:

01293 862101.

To arrange an appointment for Katie to measure your horse or pony, please call the clinic on 01622 737884 or email:

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