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We are fortunate at Kent Equine Hospital to have resident RCVS Advanced Practitioners and Certificate Holders in Equine Dentistry and Soft Tissue Surgery with a combined 50 years of experience between them. We also have visiting specialists in Equine Dentistry, Soft Tissue Surgery and Orthopaedics, meaning no horse has to be referred far away from home to receive the best specialist care.


Our surgical suite consists of a large equine operating theatre with a separate knock down/recovery box. This box is completely padded to protect the horse during the induction and recovery from anaesthesia. There is a separate scrub area for the surgeon, instrument stores and a changing room to ensure a sterile environment is maintained in the theatre. Standing surgery is performed in the adjacent examination room in stocks.

There is a hydraulic operating table which can be adjusted to the required height; with various attachable leg and head supports to ensure correct and comfortable positioning of the horse. The theatre is fully equipped to carry out most cases on horses of all sizes, from miniature horses to the largest draft horse. Use the buttons below to find out more about the different types of surgery offered at Newnham Court Equine.

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