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Sarcoid Laser Clinics 2024

Every Monday morning throughout March & April 2024.

Skin masses are common in horse and can have a huge range of causes, however, they are mostly classified as melanomas and sarcoids. Lumps and bumps are both unpredictable and varying, with each of them developing at different rates, if left untreated, some can become ulcerated and cause complications. When the lump is small and treated quickly, they are less difficult to remove, so we always advice to act promptly.

For a limited time only, we are offering lump removals (small to medium in size) at a vastly discounted set price. The removal will be carried out at our brand-new hospital, by a highly skilled member of the veterinary team. We encourage early booking to avoid disappointment.

Owners will be required to send in a photograph at the time of booking so that we are able to accurately price the cost of treatment. Prices range from £250 to £1200. Most lumps will be removed under standing sedation, and will fall into the lower price range, more complex removals may require a general anaesthetic due to varying reasons which will be discussed with you upon booking.

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