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Weight loss, diarrhoea, chronic and recurrent colic

  • COLIC – we deal with all colic referrals, from emergency investigation of acute cases to detailed investigation of chronic and recurrent colic cases. Horses with recurrent or chronic colic are admitted for observation and detailed investigations.

  • WEIGHT LOSS – the diagnosis of causes of weight loss in the horse can be problematic as there are many causes of weight loss, related to the gastrointestinal system and other body organ systems. Investigation of causes of weight loss includes detailed history, clinical and dental examination, rectal examination, blood sampling, gastroduodenoscopy, rectal/duodenal biopsies, dynamic absorption tests, faecal analysis and ultrasonography of the abdomen. Where necessary or appropriate, full surgical exploration of the abdomen may be performed.

  • DIARRHOEA – although mild diarrhoea is a common event in adult horses and frequently associated with stress or change in diet, severe diarrhoea can be life threatening and requires rapid intensive care and treatment. Horses with diarrhoea are admitted into the isolation unit, as some causes of diarrhoea, such as Salmonella, can be transmitted from horse to horse or horse to person. These horses are managed intensively with intravenous fluid therapy. The support of our on-site laboratory ensures rapid frequent monitoring of patients. These patients also frequently require assistance with nutrition. This can be aided by the dedicated care of our nursing team, and the provision of enteral or parenteral nutrition.

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