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Export of Horses, Ponies and Donkeys to the EU and Northern Ireland

The arrangements for exporting horses, ponies and donkeys from Great Britain to the EU or Northern Ireland have changed.

You now need:
  • Specific blood tests to prove your horse is free of certain diseases – these blood tests must be taken within a specific time period before travel

  • Your horse to meet specific residency requirements for a defined period of time before travel

  • An Export Health Certificate (EHC)

  • The correct Identification – A Horse Passport registered with an EU recognised studbook or a national branch of an international racing or competition organisation or a government-issued supplementary travel ID completed by an official vet at the time of issuing an EHC.

Additionally, you will need:
  • To make plans to travel through an appropriate EU border control post (BCP)

  • To complete a customs declaration form before arriving at the EU border

  • Specific documentation to transport live animals

  • An export Welfare Declaration depending on the horse you’re exporting and where you’re exporting it to.


We recommend employing an agent or transporter’s services specialising in exporting horses to help plan your journey and suggest that you discuss your travel plans with your vet at least one month before your intended departure to ensure appropriate blood tests can be taken and tested.

The best place to check for the most up to date information is on the government website:

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