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Katie Snalune has a special interest in all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of equine oncologic cases. Katie organises and speaks on the BEVA Equine Clinical Oncology course and is an author of the first ever Clinical Equine Oncology textbook.

We work closely with external specialists in oncology, diagnostic imaging, surgery (laparoscopy and surgical oncology), clinical pathology (including flow cytometry) and histopathology (including immunohistochemistry), to accurately diagnose and formulate the best treatment plan for the individual case.

  • Surgery –Complete excision, where possible, is the best approach, and assessment of margins by specialist pathologists enables rapid planning of the necessity for adjunct radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

  • Chemotherapy – numerous cytotoxic agents are used in equine medicine for the local and topical treatment of tumours, but most frequently for cutaneous tumours. These cytotoxic agents are very dangerous to the internist, surgeon, and handler. We follow strict human and ECVIM-CA guidelines on the safe use of cytotoxic agents, and have all the facilities for safe preparation, handling, transport and administration of cytotoxics and care of patients receiving these drugs.

  • If you think you may have an oncology case that we can help you with, please contact Katie Snalune on 01622 737884 or email case details with photographs to

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