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Many of our patients require ongoing medication for long term illnesses.  Repeat prescriptions for these medications may be given by our veterinary surgeons, provided that your animal is “under our care”, in accordance with The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the Code of Professional Conduct.  We define an animal as “under our care” if there has been an examination for the relevant condition within the last 6 months.  If you are a new client to us, and we have not yet seen your horse, pony or donkey; we will need to examine them prior to issue further medication of any form.  

Our dispensary and veterinary staff need to authorise, prepare and check your prescription drugs carefully to avoid errors.  As this takes time, we request that you place your repeat prescription request with us at least 48 hours prior to you needing the medication, if you are collecting your medications from the clinic in Maidstone.  

In the event you wish to obtain medications from another pharmacy, you will require a written prescription from the vet who has seen your animal for the relevant condition.  Our vets will be happy to complete a written prescription for you; however, please be aware that again, your animal must have been seen for the relevant condition within the last 6 months, in some instances, at the discretion of the vet and depending on the condition being treated, you may be able to have 12 monthly meds check. There is a small charge for prescriptions that is payable at the time of collection. Our policy now is that you inform us of the pharmacy you wish to use, and we will email your prescription direct to that pharmacy. This is to reduce the fraudulent use of prescriptions on multiple occasions.


You may request repeat prescriptions for medication using the form below.  Please be aware that submitting a request online may add an extra day until your medication is ready for collection.  Once we receive the form, we will check your horse’s records to ensure a prescription examination has been done within the last 6 months.  If we cannot find a record of such examination, we will contact you to advise you an examination is necessary prior to dispensing medication or a written prescription.  Providing your horse has been seen recently, we will prepare your prescription as soon as we can.  You will be contacted once the prescription is ready to be emailed to the pharmacy of your choice.  If you do not hear from us after 48 hours, please contact us. 


If your animal has not had a recent examination, and you require ongoing medication, please contact us to make an appointment for a prescription examination.  Prescriptions medicine examinations do incur a consultation fee; but if you pre-book your appointment in advance, this will qualify for a £30 visit under our zone visit scheme, or £15 if performed in conjunction with your horse’s vaccination.  In addition, there is also a small fee for issuing written prescriptions.

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