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Sold as a single tube.


Equest contains moxidectin and is one of the few wormers licensed to control the important encysted larval stages of small red worms. It has a long period of anti-worm activity after the dose has been given (13 weeks) and so helps to reduce pasture contamination. Equest is also less toxic to the natural beetles and other insects which help to break up the dung on the pasture, compared with ivermectin-based products. This means that pastures tend to remain cleaner and healthier where the dung is not collected from the field.


For full details of this product download the VMD-SPC data sheet here.


We recommend all users of this product have viewed our Worming Factsheet, which details how to take steps to monitor both individual and environmental burdens.


Key points:

  • Suitable for animals that are at least 4 months old.
  • Suitable for use on pregnant and/or lactating animals.
  • Withdrawal periods apply for animals or their products intended for human consumption.

Equest Wormer

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