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This product is classified as POM-V.


POM-V products can only be dispensed in two specific scenarios:


The patient is currently under the care of Newnham Court Equine, has been seen by one of the veterinary surgeons and consequently prescribed the product. This also includes the provision of ongoing medication for long term conditions (which are subject to individual case review before being issued).


A veterinary prescription has been issued and has been reviewed by a dispensing veterinary surgeon within Newnham Court Equine.


Ventipulmin is a drug used to open the respiratory passages of horses and to help clear them of mucus. This can be beneficial in some allergic respiratory diseases, often associated with a cough, due to mould spores in hay and straw (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD). Ventipulmin is also useful in cases where infection of the respiratory tract is involved, such as equine influenza. Where bacterial infection is present, antibiotics can be used as well. Ventipulmin is available as Ventipulmin Granules or Ventipulmin Syrup to add to food. There is also a Ventipulmin Injection available, if you would like information on the injection, please call the reception team.


View the EMA SPC for Ventipulmin here

Ventipulmin Granules

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